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Being proactive with PT/INR self-testing

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Warfarin therapy is intended to control coagulation and prevent blood clotting in veins, arteries or heart. It is prescribed in the event of cardiovascular diseases, especially atrial fibrillation, deep vein thrombosis, and to patients with mechanical cardiac valves.

In order to reduce hemorrhagic or thromboembolic risks, the VKA dose is determined by measuring the INR (International Normalized Ratio), a parameter reflecting the blood coagulation time. When prescribing the treatment, your physician determines a target value, a therapeutic range with a high value and a low value, as well as your INR test frequency. The monitoring of your treatment is based on the INR regular control so that the dosage is potentially adjusted by a healthcare professional.

In what way can PT/INR self-testing improve my daily life?

PT/INR self-testing is an INR measurement performed without outside aid by pricking a drop of blood from a fingertip. The test result is immediate and gives an indication with respect to your therapeutic range.
In many ways, PT/INR self-testing facilitates monitoring of your anticoagulant treatment in your daily life.

First of all, it requires only one drop of capillary blood, 3µL, and prevents invasive venous blood sample. Results are quick and accurate.

Your comfort for performing the test is strengthened by the fact that you have no need to go to the doctor’s office or the laboratory. You can then save travelling and waiting time.

Then, being able to perform your INR test when you want, including outside home or when travelling, gives you some flexibility. In the same way, the possibility to shorten the time between two tests enables you to be fully engaged in your treatment monitoring.

If you see that your INR result is out of the therapeutic range determined by your physician, it is possible to repeat the test. If the result is still the same, contact your physician.

LabPad® INR, an Avalun medical device, is a PT/INR self-testing device designed to help you in being actively engaged in monitoring your anticoagulant treatment, in liaison with your physician. For more information on this device, please click on the links:

How to perform PT/INR self-testing for patients and caregivers