Healthcare professionals

Greater efficiency for patients on warfarin monitoring!

Warfarin monitoring device dedicated to healthcare professionals

The LabPad® INR is a biological measurement system designed by Avalun. It has been developed from a technology based on several years of research at the CEA Research Institute. This smart testing system designed for warfarin monitoring is based on a unique and patented lensless optical technology. It consists of a fully automated “miniaturized microscope” and a range of Tsmart® single-use microcuvettes integrating innovative microfluidics.

Once inserted into the device, the Tsmart® faces a CMOS sensor and is lit by different light sources. When capillary blood, made up of moving cells, dissolves the Tsmart®’s embedded reagent, the coagulation process is observed in real time. An image of the laser granularity is obtained by lighting the blood sample. It is called “speckle” (speck of light) and evolves over time.

Speckle image used for warfarin monitoring

These images successively obtained during coagulation are correlated and give the time necessary for the cells contained in the sample to freeze. A dedicated image-processing algorithm then produces the INR result.

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