LabPad® INR

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Be engaged in my anticoagulant monitoring!

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LabPad® INR

My Handy Lab

> My INR test in three steps only
> Just a small drop of blood
> Can be connected to a healthcare professional

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LabPad® INR

My Handy Lab

Improved efficiency in monitoring
your patients on warfarin!

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LabPad® is an INR autotest device for patients and caregivers

Patients and caregivers

The INR autotest device LabPad® INR has been designed for monitoring your oral anticoagulant treatment through type vitamin K antagonists (VKA).
User-friendly and accurate, the LabPad® INR facilitates the daily monitoring of your treatment. You can perform INR tests without outside aid, whenever and wherever you are, following your physician’s recommendations.

Patients are followed up with LabPad® warfarin monitoring device

Healthcare professionals

The testing device LabPad® INR enables warfarin monitoring of your patients and can be perfectly integrated in your workflow.

LabPad® INR

With this PT/INR meter you can easily and quickly perform accurate INR tests. The device operates with Tsmart® INR single-use microcuvettes.

Portable and connected, it can transfer the results obtained to healthcare professionals involved in the care process.

Insert the Tsmart® of the LabPad® PT/INR meters

Insert the Tsmart® INR microcuvette into the LabPad® INR: the device switches on automatically.

INR test with the LabPad® PT/INR meters

When prompted, apply the blood drop onto the curved plate: the result is displayed on the screen after processing.

The way to discard the Tsmart® of the PT/INR meters

Eject the Tsmart® INR microcuvette: the result is transmitted via Bluetooth.

Last update July 2019